Cartoon “Diversity and Youth Asteroids” by Kaveh Adel Cartoonist 2019

Kaveh Adel cartoon copyright 2019 “Youth and Diversity Asteroids”

05th Jan

Cartoon “Here Comes 2019” by Kaveh Adel Cartoonist

Here comes 2019 cartoon by Kaveh Adel Cartoonist about anxiety in the new year and environmental concerns and political instability in the world

31st Dec

Cartoon Internal Discussion 2018 Cartoonist Kaveh Adel

Share it NOW! Sometimes we see that our internal truths are influenced...

02nd Dec

Cartoon Umbrellapathy 2018 Kaveh Adel Cartoonist

Cartoon "Umbrellapathy" By Cartoonist Kaveh Adel 2018©

11th Nov

Cartoon Growth Wings 2018 Kaveh Adel Cartoonist

Cartoon "Growth Wings" By Cartoonist, Kaveh Adel 2018©

04th Nov
Loved it!
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