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Kaveh Adel

Kaveh Adel

In order to know who we are we have to explore all that we do, can do or have the potential to do. We are not simply flesh and bone from certain part of the world who speak a certain language and believe in a certain way of thinking, eat certain types of food and love and laugh, argue in a certain way.  We are constantly learning, creating, discovering, shaping and reshaping who we are until our last breath.  Yet even after that we continue on.  In essence, we are free.   That’s why I say:

If I want to be FREE I’ve got to be ME!

Recently I was granted membership into the AAEC (Association of American Editorial Cartoonists) and I feel grateful to be among some of the Best artists and minds in the world!

AAEC (Association of American Editorial Cartoonists)

AAEC (Association of American Editorial Cartoonists)

Kaveh Adel, The Human.


2 Responses to “Me”

  • Congrats! That is an achievement. Your work is excellent.

  • Thank you for your “Love Norway” cartoon. Because of its perfect expression of global love for those caught in tragedy, I (“me”), a 68 YO woman living in rural western Washington state not only saw it, read it, was moved by it, but posted it to my Facebook page… just think of all those you have touched, all over the world. Thank you.

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