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Cartoon Top Ten Brain Foods by Jim Kwik 2017 Kaveh Adel Cartoonist

On April 24, 2017 by Kaveh
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I have always been a life-long learner.  My memory was visual and I always had trouble with verbal memorization (repeat, repeat, repeat!) it never stuck.  So I always made elaborate pictures to help me remember scientific data (Biochemical pathways!) or anatomic structures, eruption patterns of teeth and so forth.  I started to apply these methods (crudely) to more abstract ideas  like in studying psychology and philosophy.  I had the pictures but I did not have the method of making them “stick”.

I also ate horribly. After a personal epiphany I made many changes (including my diet).  Food makes a difference physically and mentally.

That’s when I came across Jim Kwik‘s podcasts and memory training.  It was a  missing piece of the puzzle and I started to get my 11 year old son involved in using his techniques. His visualization and memory techniques are fun and extremely useful in everyday life.

one of his podcasts was about the top ten foods that help the brain.  I admit that I eat most of the foods that he recommends minus the Fish (salmon) and the Eggs but he uses a body anchoring system to help memorize a list of ten items rather quickly.

So I drew a cartoon about it. It looks odd but that’s why it works and it sticks! The more action and crazy/creative the images the better the retention!  I highly suggest listening to his podcast titled:  “My 10 Favorite Brain Foods” on iTunes.  I hope this help more people learn to actually learn and I want to thank him for making a difference in my and my son’s life!

Thanks Jim.

Love and peace,


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