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Political Cartoon: “NoRouz my yellow Our Red Your Black” By Kaveh Adel Iranian American Cartoonist

On March 20, 2014 by Kaveh
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Cartoon: "NoRouz My yellow Our Red Your Black" By cartoonist Kaveh Adel

Cartoon: “NoRouz My yellow Our Red Your Black” By cartoonist Kaveh Adel

Norouz is here again…. Persian New year is also preceded by the Fire Jumping Festival called Chahar Shanbeh Suri which is a figurative purification act as jubilant young and old alike jump over small bonfires while they say, “zardi-ye man az toh, sorkhi-ye toh az man”. The literal translation is, my yellow is yours, your red is mine. In essence saying to the fire take away my ills and give me warmth and purify me!

In my latest reinterpretation of this ancient custom, I re-envision it with the current human rights climate in Iran this way,

“Zardi-ye man az toh, Siahi-ye to ba to, Sorkhi-ye Eshgh ba man (ba ma)” translated as this,

“my yellow is yours, your grimness with you, the redness of love with me (with us)”

Happy Norouz to all, especially those who are missing their loved ones as a result of the evil who still rule on this earth.

كارتون جديد با تغيير در ايده اى كهنِ

«زردی من از تو، سرخی تو از من»

 نگاه من، یک کارتونیست

« (زردی من از تو، سیاهی تو با تو، سرخی عشق با من (با ما»

نوروزتان آزاد و فروزان از عشق،

کاوه عادل

Love always prevails over all other imposed ideologies and oppression.


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