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Political Cartoon “Starved Revolt” by Iranian American Cartoonist and Artist Kaveh Adel.

On April 21, 2012 by Kaveh
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Political Cartoon "Starved Revolt"  by Iranian American Cartoonist and Artist Kaveh Adel

Political Cartoon "Starved Revolt" by CartoonistKaveh Adel

An old man begs for food from a President,

“I’m Hungry!  I’m starving!”

His cries are drowned by those with louder voices.

The old man is a tired soul. A man who has given up. He’ll be satisfied  if someone just hands  him food.

But a young woman, instead, climbs and  stands up and demands answers.

Change comes with demands. Steadfast and persistent. Neurtralizing. Motherly. Sisterly.

A revolt is starved for youth and direction.


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Kaveh Adel, the Human.
Kaveh Adel, Iranian American Artist and Cartoonist.


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