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White Paint in the Face of A Nation

On November 13, 2010 by Kaveh
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"White Paint in the Face of A Nation" A Political Cartoon by Kaveh Adel

"White Paint in the Face of A Nation" A Political Cartoon by Kaveh Adel

To Govern is to Love your people.

Kaveh Adel, the Human.


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9 Responses to “White Paint in the Face of A Nation”

  • Our people are among the most resilient people in this world. They outlasted the Greeks, the Arabs, the Mongols, the Ottomans and so on…… 30 years of this is a drop in our Long history ( bitter 30 years) but it shall pass. Our people inside will come the point of no return. Last year was the boiling point. The next time will not be quenched as easily as it was last year. Patience. It will happen.

  • ”Patience wins over violence every time”..That is a nice statement…Patience is a golden key but being patient is very hard for our people specially inside the country..How long do they have to be patient?months,years,century?

  • We have to remember that history will not disappoint us. Also, when things look so bad and seem hopeless there is equally something that could be very good on the horizon and it will come into fruition when the time is right. Patience wins over violence every time. We can learn so much from the greatest minds in Iran and around the world.

  • Your words are full of hope.Thank you.
    I don’t want to become disappointed but sometimes it is very hard.

  • We will, we will.

  • I wish I could see that day!

  • Thank you. I appreciate it. Soon people will not accept it anymore.

  • wow!amazing job.

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