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Halabiabad, Tehran 1979-80 Kaveh’s Graphic Novel Excerpt

On October 8, 2010 by Kaveh

Kaveh Adel Graphic Novel Halabiabad Tehran 1979-1980

Halabiabad Tehran Toop Pelastiky Do layeh Kaveh adel Graphic Novel Copyright 2010

Excerpt from my new graphic/novel in the works:
Halabiabad, South of Tehran, Circa 1979-80…….
“Hey, wanna hit the ball a bit?” he said after cautiously approaching me. He said it like a professional footballer, like the ones we see on TV interviewed after a match.

He had a “toop pelastiky do-layeh” (a soccer ball made out of two balls, one is torn and the other is embedded inside the other–street soccer ball) tucked under his arm.

I gladly accepted because the smell of infection was overpowering in the double decker bus and I much preferred the sewer smell outside….

Kaveh Adel, the Human.


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