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Homa, the Bird of Compassion and Fortune

On September 26, 2010 by Kaveh
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Homa, Bird of Fortune and Compassion

Homa, Bird of Fortune and Compassion

I did this design for a friend of mine as a tattoo about 3 years ago.

Recently, there was an interest from another friend to have a tattoo.  So I figured if it can serve as a way to show the rich heritage of Iran.

It is my interpretation of the Mythologic Persian bird of fortune and compassion. Almost like a Phoneix.

It is still standing on some of the columns in Persepolis, in Iran.

Kaveh Adel, the Human.


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5 Responses to “Homa, the Bird of Compassion and Fortune”


  • على روى اين ايده ات سر فرصت كار ميكنم. اين روزها كمى بيشتر به همان معناى آن برج دارم فكر ميكنم! قربانت.

  • karet harf nadare kaveh jan , daste shoma ham dard nakone ke zod javab dadi ! man haghighatan mikham ye tattoo bezanam ke ax borje azadi bashe poshtesham akse homa ! albate bisharmanast age man az shoma beporsam ke mitonid hamchin kari anjam bedid?!

    movafagh bashi!

  • على جان، چٓشم! متشكرم. خوشحالم كه مورد پسند بوده.

  • haji kash baz design tattoo irani bezani

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