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Cyrus the Great Human rights Cylinder has been returned to Iran

On September 16, 2010 by Kaveh
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Cyrus the Great Human Rights Cylinder, The ISlamic Republic of Iran version

political Cartoon Islamic Republic of Iran's Version of Cyrus the Great's Human Rights Cylinder 2010 Copyright by Kaveh Adel

Cyrus the Great,

Kaveh Ahangar,

All the Heroes of the Persian and Iranian History and mythology,

Are rolling in the graves ( literal and figurative)

As the English who had found this national treasure, this Cylinder, this first declaration of Human rights,

finally gave it back…….. but given to whom?

As Human rights is “celebrated” by a weak and feeble attempt to rewrite history and mythology.

It is up to all of us to remember and never allow the rewriting of a rich history and literature with such displays.

To never allow those who claim championing human rights while standing tall on the mountain of their atrocities to rewrite the right.

This is not fiction, it is not “1984.”

Kaveh Adel, the Human.


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8 Responses to “Cyrus the Great Human rights Cylinder has been returned to Iran”

  • My pleasure. Thank you. And, yes you may share all that you like on Facebook or any other places you like. You can also checkout the Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kaveh-Adel-Artist-Human/132665610110652
    thanks again.

  • Thank you for your nice work.The most of them are very impressive.
    By the way,may I share your work in facebook?

  • As do I. Iran has such a rich history that 30 some years will not blemish it in the long run. Thank you again for your optimism.

  • I believe it will.
    I wish better days for my beloved country,Iran.

  • Thank you. I appreciate your comment immensely. History will be the judge of inhumanity.

  • This is a great cartoon.I admire it.!!…….very good job.

  • Thank you for the comment. I know that the people of Iran think as Cyrus the great did. Actions of politicians does NOT reflect the heart and the minds of the people. I believe that holds true in just about any part of the world. I truly wish for justice, human rights and freedom of expression without repression.

  • Oh the Irony … Finaly Iran has stolen a piece Persian history – down with the regime – down with the name Iran and bring back the righteous Persia of OLD. Kaveh Adel you are an amazimg artist. Bravo!

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