Kaveh N. Adel holds a doctorate degree in Dentistry from University of Iowa, majoring in Biochemistry & Studio Art. He has a private Dental practice in Naperville, Illinois and holds professional memberships in the ADA, AADSM, ISDS and CDS.

Born & raised in Iran, he is fluent in Persian and in 1987 he immigrated to the U.S. His passion for current events & cross cultural dialogue inspired him to draw cartoons about Human rights, world & domestic politics, Environment, pop culture where he has a special connection with Norway. He is an associate member of American Association of Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC). As a children’s book author and illustrator he holds readings at Local Indie Bookstores & presents at schools to young children.

Also, as a life & personal development coach, he advises clients ranging from creative(artists) to Entrepreneurs inspiring, empowering & designing specific actionable systems to help them in reach their specifically defined goals.

He is, at heart, a human being with a love for Art as a vehicle to bring understanding and humanity between cultures and is involved in creative philanthropic activities spanning Human rights, Developmental Disabilities to Health related charities. He is a board member for Pasfarda Arts and Cultural Exchange, a non-profit organization effectively strengthening cultural understanding between Iranians and Americans to create innovative alliances, coalitions and affiliations.